Tripar 4” Twisted Brass Wire Stand

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Display your home decor with flair by using a medium, 4" double twisted metal wire stand, brass plated. The supportive stand is perfect for displaying beautiful plates, artwork, framed photographs and much more throughout the home. The easel is handcrafted with two wires twisted together then welded in one spot, creating a moving effect.

The 4" metal double twisted wire stand with a brass finish comes in versatile retail packaging. The item is peggable or can be used for tabletop display. The retail packaging has a two-color decorative card with the product description and usage information.

  • 1 3/8" lip depth
  • Fits items 7"-14"
  • 4" height
  • Display art, platters, photos throughout the home
  • Use on shelves, tables, counters, desks and dressers
  • Supportive
  • double twisted wire
  • Peggable
  • Tabletop display
  • Double twisted wire
  • Light