Silver Claddagh Bracelet With 14K Gold Plate Heart

Silver Claddagh Bracelet With 14K Gold Plate Heart

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Shanore offers this stunningly beautiful silver Claddagh bracelet which features an excellent 14 karat gold plated heart. The sterling silver hoops of the bracelet interlock around one another until meeting on opposite sides are two trinity knots a classic Celtic symbol. The centered art shows two delicate hands holding the gold heart adorned with a shimmering crown.

Celtic Art

This gorgeous bracelet from Shanore offers two different Celtic symbols used throughout history. The first are the two trinity knots surrounding the Claddagh. The trinity knot celebrates the unity and complete perfection of the Christian trinity of God the father the son and the holy ghost. The centered Claddagh represents the importance of love loyalty and friendship in life.

Handmade Perfection

Every piece of jewelry produced by Shanore is given extreme care and attention. Every interlocking hoop shimmering piece of silver and curves of the heart on the bracelet was created in the mind of an artist and handcrafted into perfection. Perfect to wear daily and casually this silver Claddagh bracelet with a 14 karat gold plated heart is also perfect for classy nights on the town.




7.75 Inches


4 grams